Clinical pathology is one of the most important control points for the correct diagnosis and therapy planning of many diseases. Particularly in the case of cancer, histopathological assessment determines a life-changing diagnosis for the patient and high therapy costs for the healthcare system.

With the increase in therapy options, the complexity of pathological diagnoses also increases, which can often only be correctly made by experts with the appropriate subspecialization. On the other hand, there is already a shortage of experienced pathologists, which will increase significantly in the coming years due to demographic change.

Symvopath helps with this serious care problem by taking advantage of the increasing digitalization in pathology and providing a virtual space where complex diagnostic cases can be presented and processed within a web application, independent of location and time.

Pathologists present a diagnostic case with scanned tissue sections and clinical information on the Symvopath web platform. In the next step, experts with the appropriate sub-specialization virtually examine the case and prepare a histopathological report.

Symvopath thus ensures that every patient at any location receives a correct diagnosis from proven experts without delay for the best possible therapy.