Environmental protection is more important than ever, but which foods are really sustainable? With Sustomer, we create transparency and make sustainable shopping easier for you.

With Sustomer‘s app and website, you get detailed information about food, such as regionality and sustainability, while the competition only provides information about ingredients. To start, Sustomer summarizes publicly available data, including ingredients, nutritional values, packaging type, and seasonality. Sustomer prepares these in a descriptive way in their app, allowing for quick comparability.

Sustomer then works with companies that record the manufacturing conditions and supply chains of their products and make them available to Sustomer. In return, the cooperation partners receive the IT infrastructure and the possibility of presentation via our app. Our survey shows that 96% of respondents are interested in manufacturing conditions and supply chains of products. These figures are backed up by studies conducted by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

With supply chain data, Sustomer achieves a new level of transparency and trust. By consumers reaching for sustainable products, 1.1 t. CO2 per capita/year is saved in Germany. This is a 55% reduction through food. This would prevent up to 20,000 premature deaths annually due to the consequences of climate change.