Werde wieder zum Helden

Paralysis can affect anyone. In addition to adults and seniors, newborns and adolescents can also suffer from (acquired) paralysis.

The reasons for paralysis are manifold and range from mechanical injuries to congenital defects and strokes. The necessary rehabilitation measures are HR-intensive and time consuming. Especially considering the staffing levels in the medical sector, clinics are generally unable to provide the resources for regular rehabilitation training, so that patients are treated at intervals that are significantly too long. The situation is even more critical for patients in the home environment. They are dependent on therapy by local therapists, so that an ideal rehabilitation program is very expensive and almost impossible to implement.

Our project is based on an innovative system that can be used to improve rehabilitation. Our system enables the patient to work on his rehabilitation independently and at home, so that the success of the therapy can be improved through frequent training. The system consists of a sensor wristband and a software component that is able to recognize planned hand gestures. This makes it possible to recognize the intended movement even of paralyzed people, where no residual movement of the fingers can be detected. In this way, existing nerve tracts are reactivated, the brain is stimulated and the training progress is increased.

This product can have a positive influence on the physical and mental condition of patients worldwide and free up financial and human resources in the healthcare system.