The nursing shortage in Germany is omnipresent for everyone. There is currently a shortage of around 200,000 full-time nursing staff in Germany. And the situation is coming to a head. It is high time to act.

Schleswig-Holstein should become the pioneer for the most nursing-friendly state in Germany and we are firmly convinced that a good solution can only be created by us, i.e. by the nurses themselves. Shift work, pay and the constant balancing act between private and working life in particular make the nursing profession unattractive.

It is therefore not surprising that 75% of nurses work part-time, although a large proportion would like to work full-time under different conditions. This is an untapped caregiving resource. PflegeNebenan is creating an app/platform that enables direct networking between caregivers and patients.

In doing so, caregivers and people in need of care should be able to match each other, e.g. by location, time, qualification and needs. We still love being caregivers and at the same time it saddens us to see our colleagues who sacrifice themselves in this system and have no strength to go new ways. We want to support nursing to go new, self-determined and family-friendly ways.

The nursing of the future is active, innovative and courageous. We would like to found to help the persons to be cared for and caregivers and thus raise care to a new level.