People are increasingly moving from the countryside to the cities. This leads to a higher population density and a more intensive use of resources and infrastructure. As a result, cities will have to find smarter solutions to tackle challenges such as public transport overload, traffic jams and lowered public health and safety.

The already existing city camera infrastructure combined with video analytics seems like a low hanging fruit to help cities improve traffic flows, detect abnormalities (e.g. accidents or infrastructure damage) faster and provide services more efficiently. Nevertheless, this is currently prevented by legal restrictions on the processing and distribution of video data, as it contains personal identifiers. In order to still benefit from the advantages of video analysis, the videos must be anonymized. Current solutions for this are not fully integrated into city and company processes, which results in a stalled adoption.

NATIX offers an integrated solution for optimized and anonymized video analytics followed by secure storage to enable and accelerate the adoption of video analytics solutions. NATIX is also offered for corporate campuses including but not limited to shipyards, logistics centers, production plants and construction sites. It enables enterprises to use cameras for work safety, security and process optimization applications while adhering to the European regulations and local labor laws.