Naeco Blue

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Feed-in forecasts for renewable energy

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay

The steadily advancing expansion of renewable energy poses new challenges to all market participants in the energy sector. For both energy producers as well as consumers and traders, weather-dependent and fluctuating energy production from renewable energy is a problem. To solve this problem, a precise and reliable feed-in forecast is needed.

Naeco Blue’s mission is to develop a feed-in forecast for energy from wind and sun. With the help of artificial intelligence and a large number of environmental and plant data, our software makes a feed-in forecast. The information obtained from this forecast is made available to our customers through a “data as a service” model. This increases the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and planning security of our customers and creates significant value added.

This way, Naeco Blue makes an important contribution to a more economic and sustainable energy transition.