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Fuel Optimization System & Vessel Performance Monitoring

Marine Digital offers a complete hardware and software solution that allows shipowners to track, measure and display the exact amount of fuel oil used.

Fuel consumption optimization systems (FOS) not only provide the amount of fuel used during a trip, but also provide additional data related to fuel usage. Vessel FOS provides statistical information on various parameters, such as the amount of fuel used by a particular engine or generator while moving at sea or in port.

To analyze fuel consumption, it is possible to gather and use data not only about the engine, but also many other external parameters affecting fuel consumption like weather or currents.

Moreover, the system will build the optimal route for the vessel, based on information about the vessel performance and weather conditions. This kind of forecasting will be available using machine learning and neural networks that will be trained on real data.

The solution will be integrated with the necessary systems already installed on ships and will load a number of possible routes to save fuel.