Leazear's PrepHub guides international students on their way to Germany

Leazear's software solution targets the problems of international students who want to come to Germany to study. The web application PrepHub simplifies and streamlines the complex processes of university and visa applications and enables students to prepare for them in the best possible way. Students are thus able to apply independently and successfully without having to hire expensive consultants or agencies, and it also relieves the universities of repetitive support requests.

With the PrepHub Leazear is pursuing the mission of simplifying access to higher education in Germany for international students. Because in the face of a shortage of skilled workers, the domestic economy is dependent on bright minds from all over the world who can fill the gap in the labour market during and after their studies in Germany - especially in IT & engineering.

The goal is to make bureaucracy a thing of the past and to digitally map complex application processes and simplify them to such an extent that they are no longer an obstacle for prospective applicants.

True to the motto: It's a lot easier - with Leazear.