Every year, the problem of cargo theft causes damage amounting to € 2.2 billion in road haulage in Germany alone. Organized criminals act ruthlessly and at lightning speed. By so-called tarpaulin slitting or opening the rear doors, which already causes initial damage, the perpetrators get a view of the cargo area and then strike within seconds - especially in the case of consumer goods that are easy to sell (see e.g. BSI & TT Club Cargo studies).

Deterrent, preventive measures are currently not available in public parking lots and cargo is only attempted to be secured with simple measures such as locks, cut protection tarpaulins or reinforcements. At KONVOI we develop a security solution that prevents this problem preventively.

Our system together with our modified radar sensors are attached to the truck trailer and create a detection area in the close vicinity of the vehicle. Within this detection area, our detection algorithm recognizes conspicuous movement patterns or objects of dangerous persons and can distinguish them from passers-by.

From various movement patterns and parameters, our system calculates a risk factor that leads to the activation of deterrent measures in case of danger. Additional measures can be added with light and acoustic in different intensities as well as notifications of the driver, the control center or a security service.