We founded our company with the aim of making video telephony easier for older, motor-impaired and less tech-savvy people, thus enabling them to share and participate more. Specifically, we have developed a box with colored buttons for this purpose, which is connected to the TV together with a supplied HD camera. Behind each button is the phone number of a contact person. When one of the buttons is pressed, a video connection to the Grannycall app on a mobile device (smartphone, etc.) of the contact person is established via the TV. Conversely, a Grannycall box can also be called from the app. For incoming calls, the TV is automatically switched on and to the correct channel. The name of the caller / the caller is displayed, and by simply pressing a button, the call can be accepted. Photos can also be shown from the app, e.g. of grandchildren or from the family's last vacation. Controlled via the app, the Grannycall box can also play videos from the public media libraries on the TV. By using the familiar TV set, video calls become conceivably uncomplicated and thus also accessible to people who are unfamiliar with technology or are physically limited.