Unique sales forecast for food retailers

food21 against food waste

Across Germany, approximately 4% of the food available in supermarkets and shops is destroyed annually. This corresponds to a loss of 6.5 billion euro. In case of perishable foods, such as bread and baked goods as well as fruits and vegetables, even 8% end up as waste. There are many reasons for this: Every sale in retail counts and increases return. And having a great variety of food available 24/7 delights us consumers. However, today's forecast models fail to predict a precise sale that satisfies retailers and consumers alike. Even worse: food waste increases every year.

food21 wants to - and will - solve this problem. With our sales forecast based on a modern cross-retailer platform and the use of AI we achieve significantly better forecasts and thus, create a symbiosis of business optimization and sustainable, environmentally friendly economic action. In addition, due to the community idea, food21 is accessible and attractive for food retailers of all sizes.

We at food21 believe that we will create a substantial value added in order to enable more sustainable and profitable economic action and drastically reduce food waste in German retail!