Individualization and mass production don't go together? With the eSiprint 3D printing process for elastic silicone combined with a fully digitalized value chain, this can become a reality.

The use of the newly developed eSiprint material system makes silicone 3D printing using binder jetting possible for the first time. The high productivity of the process ensures particularly high production speeds and thus large volumes.

With the help of a digital platform, we enable hearing care companies to step into the digital age by linking 3D printing technology with a digital solution platform. The 3D scan of the ear canal is digitally adjusted without any prior 3D design knowledge, transmitted and finally the earmolds for hearing aids, occupational safety and leisure are printed using the eSiprint process.

Thanks to the high productivity and resource-saving material usage of the eSiprint process, delivery times can be reduced by up to 75% and costs can be cut by up to 50% compared to current suppliers.

After implementation in hearing acoustics, further applications in orthopedics and in the field of sports are also conceivable, e.g. for individual swimming goggles.