Boomerang is a young start-up that wants to turn B2C online retail around and save large amounts of packaging waste with reusable and recyclable reusable shipping bags in combination with a deposit system (reusable as a service - MaaS).

The use of Boomerang Packs actively contributes to the promotion of the circular economy, so that the CO2 emissions of the constantly increasing online trade, is reduced. In addition, the use of valuable resources is minimized.

Each Boomerang Pack can be reused up to 50 times, replacing traditional disposable cartons and plastic shipping bags. By using Boomerang Packs, B2C online mailers can raise their sustainability profile while saving costs.

In doing so, Boomerang acts as a fulfillment service provider, which is why e-commerce stores can focus 100% on their core business. As a Hanseatic city, Lübeck offers optimal proximity to other metropolitan areas and ports. We see Lübeck as an interesting location for carrying out the first successful pilot projects.