ClaimsLog digitizes claims management in shipping and supports shipping companies directly on board their ships and in their offices to simplify work processes, reduce costs and control risks.

We connect all stakeholders with each other through our cloud-based app and can thus avoid friction losses in communication and establish a standard that brings clear added value to everyone involved.

Damage occurs unexpectedly and results in high costs. Up to today, claims processing and documentation is based on the use of outdated technologies. ClaimsLog's digital platform enables controlled data exchange and data backup for everyone, who is responsible for the settlement of a claim, in an app - anytime and anywhere. Data collection via the app is done directly on board the ship as well as automatically and event-based thanks to the help of proactive and task-specific functions to relieve the ship's command and support the crew. For example, we use the functions already available in smartphones and back up all relevant data with time stamps, weather data and position information. Tasks can be individually distributed via our digital “clipboard” and thus, claims processing can be controlled. This ensures direct communication and the backup of all relevant data in the long run.

ClaimsLog deals with a topic of very high relevance. We will experience a massively increasing standardization and automation of processes between ships and stakeholders in the next few years.

Our mission is to drive the digitization of shipping forward by optimizing claims management and setting a new standard. This helps to make processes simpler, safer and cheaper.