Beyond urban mobility

Innovative navigation solutions for rural mobility

Artificial intelligence and big data for the analysis of unpaved roads worldwide

Navigation systems are standard these days. However, the major players in this market focus primarily on the world's metropolises and highways. They assume good data reception and perfect road conditions. In this way, they only provide us with the most necessary information: Which routes lead to the desired destination most quickly and how much traffic can be expected?

We at Bareways believe: this is not enough!

Why? Because 80% of all roads worldwide are unpaved; their surfaces can consist of mud, gravel, earth, grass and much more. And how does the weather actually affect such roads? Therefore, in many regions of the world, standard navigation solutions can lead to unexpected problems. No matter whether you are an off-road enthusiast looking for the next adventure or a logistics company that has to deliver goods to remote locations. That is why we are building the first navigation solution that covers all of these factors. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we combine map, weather, road surface and vehicle data, as well as many other factors, to make mobility in rural areas safe, predictable and reliable.

In this way, we create a solution for everyone who drives where the infrastructure is not yet of the highest standard.