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Michael Behrens

Michael Behrens is the founder of the food specialist marketing agency foodheads Marketing GmbH.
The trained typesetter with a degree in business studies has been working in digital marketing since 1999. His experience ranges from the BBDO agency ECONOMIA to Client Service Director at Jung von Matt and most recently to Consulting Manager at various agencies of the Jung von Matt Group.


Christian Blunck

Christian Blunck has a degree in electrical engineering with a focus on communications and control engineering and completed additional business studies with a focus on product management. Christian Blunck has been a self-employed business consultant since 1995 and is the managing director of Ergebniskontor. His goal is to bring together the technical possibilities and the business requirements of companies to create interdisciplinary solutions.

#Digital #Processmanagement #IT #Productmanagement #Projectmanagement

Gülten Bockholdt

Gülten Bockholdt is managing partner of Bockholdt GmbH &Co. KG in Lübeck. Founded in 1959, the company has more than 5,000 employees at 15 German locations and provides services to companies, including the food sector. In addition to having the overall responsibility for the company, Ms. Bockholdt focusses particularly on finance and human resources. Through her participation in regional and transregional associations, she contributes to mentoring with her large network.

#Businessdevelopment #Facilities #Finance #IHR #Production

Detlev Bünz

After studying electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Detlev Bünz initially worked as an engineer in research and development in the areas of drive technology, process and factory automation. This was followed by some time in a logistics consultancy and then many years in consulting at SAP. Detlev Bünz can look back on more than 25 years of experience in project management, logistics process development and software implementation. He has been a member of Mentoren für Unternehmen in Schleswig-Holstein e.V. since 2015 and supports start-up projects primarily in the areas of software, consulting and high-tech.


Thomas Bohnen

Thomas Bohnen is Managing Director of KEYMKR GmbH in Lübeck, a service provider for medical device manufacturers. This company supports market access by providing services and advice on all aspects of CE marking. The company accompanies development projects with risk management, design of experiments and clinical evaluation as well as consulting in the field of international approvals. The accredited test laboratory performs or organizes the necessary product tests.


Uwe Böttcher

After studying business administration at the University of Hamburg, Uwe Böttcher pursued a career in the branded goods industry from product manager to managing director, focusing on marketing, innovation management and sales in Germany and abroad. He was responsible for renowned brands such as Hansaplast, Kaffee Hag, Ritter Sport and Swirl by Melitta. Since mid-2013, Uwe Böttcher has been in early retirement and is active as a volunteer advisor for Mentoren für Unternehmen in SH e.V.


Stephan Bütje

Stephan Bütje holds a degree in economics from the Private University of Applied Sciences for Business and Technology in Vechta / Diepholz. He then has worked for over 20 years in human resources in international group structures. Including Thyssenkrupp, Senvion and SKF. Most recently, he headed the HR department of SKF Marine for over eight years. His focus is on processes and IT used in HR. He also has a wide range of experience working in co-determination bodies.

#HRmanagement #Leadership #HRrecruitment #HRdevelopment #Strategy

Dorothea Bülow

Dorothea Bülow is a business graduate and tax advisor with her own law firm in Lübeck. She already has professional experience at Ernst & Young GmbH and a medium-sized Hamburg law firm. Her focus is on advising medium-sized companies and mainly private individuals, but also freelancers and family businesses in the legal form of private companies / capital companies. She is also working on a number of interesting conversion and restructuring projects.


Andreas Christiansen

Andreas Christiansen has been an independent project manager and designer of pragmatic project structures for small and medium-sized companies since 2018. As a qualified industrial engineer, he has almost 20 years of professional experience in international customer project management at Dräger and in production automation at Euroimmun. In various team management functions and as a business development manager, Andreas Christiansen has established new project management organizations and continuously optimized processes - including the introduction of tender and proposal management at Dräger.


Tim Cortinovis

Tim Cortinovis is a graduate Hispanist and has been working successfully in international sales and marketing for more than 18 years. For just as long, he has been fascinated by the possibilities that digital technologies offer to automate these areas. Tim Cortinovis gives lectures on topics such as artificial intelligence, digital customer journeys, robotic process automation in sales and growth hacking.

#Sales #Marketing

Susann Dreßler

Susann Dreßler has 20 years of professional experience in advising and supporting funding programs at EU-, federal- and state level. Since 2011, the trained banker and graduate business geographer has been the head of the IB.SH Förderlotsen which providinges neutral and free advice to startups and companies on financing and funding opportunities. She has numerous contacts in her funding network, i.e. via the Enterprise Europe Network Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein of the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein.

#Network #Funding #Venturecapital

Dr. Elisabeth Eggert

Dr. Elisabeth Eggert is a systemic coach and process facilitator. With a degree in nutritional science, she also works as an independent lecturer. In her many years of work in various research institutions, globally operating large corporations as well as owner-managed family businesses, she has gained a wide range of experience as an internal process facilitator. After training as an in-house coach at a market leader in the consumer goods industry, she followed an intensive training as a systemic coach. Dr. Eggert accompanies and supports groups as well as individuals on the path of change. The goal of the holistic approach is to reflect on one's own strengths and values. The focus is on the empowerment and potential development of the participants. Coaching gives time and space to methodically structure the requirements in change processes and to develop solutions.

#Executive Coaching #Leadership Development #Teambuilding #Nutrition #Life Science

Alexander Geist

Alexander Geist is an engineer for production technology and management. The managing director of CRConsultants GmbH & Co. KG and his team focus on the development and implementation of quality management systems in highly regulated markets. His emphasis is on medical technology, medical apps and the digitization of business processes. His experience ranges from advice on market approval strategies for start-ups to the development and implementation of agile, digital and regulatory processes for SMEs to the implementation and integration of companies in international corporate structures.


Anett Gilles

Anett Gilles has extensive experience in the sales sector. In addition to six professional years in marketing, she worked for 25 years as a sales manager with personnel responsibility. During this time, she took on tasks in the areas of business development and customer success management. Anett Gilles currently works as Senior Key Account Manager Enterprise at A1 Digital Deutschland GmbH.


Thomas Glöckner

Thomas Glöckner has been head of innovation management at Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA since 2016. The medical technician previously held various management positions in the areas of marketing and business development (intensive care and patient monitoring), including as Vice President Global Business Management and as Vice President Marketing in the operating room customer segment.


Axel Graefe

Axel Graefe has a long professional career in the field of sales, marketing, management and institute management. Thereby, the supplier industry for food products has always been in the center of attention. Most recently, as head of the institute and managing director of the KIN food institute, he has taken many opportunities to also be active as a communication trainer in various formats. With the founding of YOU | NIEK in Germany, Axel Graefe currently would like to pass on his knowledge and experience gained as a consultant to companies that are involved in the production of food, additives for food or pharmaceutical products.

#Sales #Food #Marketing #Businessadministration #Finance

Klaus Haensch

Klaus Haensch has extensive experience in purchasing and e-commerce. After working at Hertie/Karstadt, OTTO-Versand, BOSCH/Siemens GmbH and Wal-Mart/Wertkauf GmbH, he was responsible for purchasing and logistics as a member of the board of the VEDES group of companies. From 2003 to 2007, Klaus Haensch had overall responsibility for hard goods purchasing at QVC-Deutschland GmbH. He was then Managing Director of Retail-Link-Hamburg and Head of E-Commerce at Karstadt, as well as Director of Category Management Hardware. Most recently, Klaus Haensch was CEO of the Westfalia Group, where he managed and further developed the company's holdings. He is a university lecturer for category management and a private lecturer for start-ups in the special field of online marketing.


Mattis Hartwig

Mattis Hartwig founded the software development company singularIT GmbH during his studies in the field of business informatics. To gain international and strategic experience, he worked for 4.5 years at the strategic consulting firm McKinsey, 2.5 years of which he spent writing a dissertation at the University of Lübeck in the field of artificial intelligence. At McKinsey, he worked in over 10 countries on topics related to sales and analytics. In the meantime, Mattis Hartwig has returned to his position as managing director of singularIT, where he leads a team of 25 employees spread over two locations in Lübeck and Leipzig. At the same time, he continues to conduct research at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

#ArtificialIntelligence #SoftwareDevelopment #SalesControl #Digitization #Research

Henning Hach

Dr. Henning Hach founded an IT service company at the age of 18, then studied business administration/business informatics and founded the first Internet provider in the Lübeck/Hamburg region (LYNET AG) while still a student. After selling the company to a publicly listed software company, he developed and marketed many innovations around internet-based platforms, founded various companies and took on a variety of honorary activities. Since 2022, Dr. Henning Hach is managing partner of HACH digital GmbH with a focus on management consulting / interim management / digital projects, especially for young tech companies, e.g. in the cultured meat sector.


Julian Herrmann

Julian Herrmann betreut seit 2015 das Thema Marketing-Lokalisierung bei der Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA. Dabei geht es insbesondere um Agentursteuerung und -entwicklung und die stetige Evolution von Massenprozessen in der in- und externen Zusammenarbeit, um jährlich tausende Kommunikationsmaterialien in bester Qualität, kürzester Zeit und mit begrenzten Budgets zur Verfügung stellen zu können (das übliche Dilemma-Dreieck). Der Diplomkaufmann kann dabei auf reichlich Erfahrung aus unterschiedlichen Stationen im Marketing und aus unterschiedlichen Branchen bauen. Neben Themen mit operativem Fokus, wie die Dienstleistersteuerung und Marketing als Service, steht für ihn aber vor allem gute und zielgerichtete Sprache im Mittelpunkt: Was sucht ein Interessent? Was will ein Kunde? Wie artikuliert der Kunde das und wie formuliert ein Unternehmen passgenau Kommunikation, die wirkt? Insbesondere mit Blick ins Web, aber auch in ganz klassischen Kanälen.

#Agency #Strategy #Text #Translation #SEO

Christian Herzog

Christian Herzog holds a PhD in control technology and is well versed in probabilistic graphic models. Christian Herzog has been employed at the Institute for Medical Electrical Engineering at the University of Lübeck since 2015. His main areas of research and teaching are primarily the ethical and social aspects of technology development. This activity led to build the Ethical Innovation Hub at the University of Lübeck - a network to promote the integration of ethical aspects in research and teaching. As the designated scientific managing director of the hub, Mr. Herzog also feels committed to regional business, society and politics.

#ethics #innovation #design #technology

Julia Heuer

Julia Heuer is a management consultant and soft business coach with a degree in business administration, international business administration and management, foreign languages (lectures in English and teaching subjects such as Spanish and French). She has professional experience for about 25 years in companies and as a self-employed person. Julia Heuer's interests include technology, crafts, economics, occupational health and safety, IT, promoting and challenging, efficiency. Supporting founders, personality development, creativity, organizational development as well as consulting in quality management (e.g. innovation, tradition, occupational safety, environmental protection) as well as preparation for QM certifications or a company succession are further of her competences and skills. As a mentor, she supports startups on the topics of business startup consulting, business management/organization, human resources consulting, management and development, and marketing/sales.


Karl Hoffmann

For 17 years, Karl Hoffmann, a graduate physicist and MBA, held senior management positions at Micronas, a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor-based sensor and IC system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics. Most recently, he headed the Marketing and Application division. Subsequently, Karl Hoffmann moved as Senior Director in Marketing to Werum IT Solutions GmbH, an internationally leading provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems and Manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Since 2019, Karl Hoffmann has been Head of Corporate Digital Technologies at L. Possehl & Co. mbH.


Guido Horstmann

With a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Guido Horstmann started his career in IT management at Siemens followed by an expatriat stay at Nokia Siemens Networks in the USA. There, he supervised the Global Post Merger Integration in the IT sector. Guido Horstmann then gained many years of experience as an IT Strategy Consultant. Most recently, he worked as a partner at Detecon International GmbH, a leading international consulting company with a focus on digital transformation. Since 2020, Guido Horstmann has been Head of Process Automation at L. Possehl & Co. GmbH.


Axel Junge

Since 1989, Axel Junge has been managing partner of the company Konditorei Junge, founded in Lübeck in 1897. With more than 4,000 employees in more than 200 branches, Junge is one of the largest bakery and snack companies in northern Germany. In addition to overall responsibility for the company, Axel Junge's focus is on the field of digitization. He has also been an investor and mentor to young companies for many years.


Markus Kemm

Markus Kemm is the founder and managing director of CRConsultants GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to providing development support for medical device manufacturers, he and his team take care of risk management and compliance, taking international requirements into account. The forward-looking setup of risk management and compliance processes simplifies qualification and validation activities, the evaluation of deviations and compliance handling in later phases of life. With experience from the field of machine safety, his team supports the conception of production systems and their safe operation.


Klaus Kophstahl

Klaus Kophstahl has a degree in communications engineering and a degree in business administration. He earned about 30 years of experience as managing director in the development and operation of a medium-sized manufacturer of professional medical technology in accordance with EN ISO 13485. Focus areas were the development and manufacture of software and hardware as well as their sales and marketing in Germany with his own employees, sales representatives and regional specialist dealers as well as through sales partners in export.


Ragnar Kruse

Ragnar is founder of AI.HAMBURG and CEO of AI Invest GmbH. Previously, he was the CEO and co-founder of Smaato. From 2005 to 2019 he developed Smaato into the leading global real-time mobile advertising platform with over 90,000 mobile publishers and app developers as well as more than 450 demand partners, which supplies over a billion unique mobile users around the world with advertising every month. As a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of IT experience, Ragnar Kruse knows and understands the unique challenges of bringing new technologies to market. In the USA as well as in Europe he built up several companies from the beginning to the market launch.


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dirk Reimerdes

Dirk Reimerdes has been active nationally and internationally in the food/near-food sector (manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, gastronomy) since 1995, including more than 20 years in a management role with budget responsibility. He took over the disciplinary management of up to 43 directly subordinate employees at 19 locations. Since 2019, Dirk Reimerdes has been managing director of Reimerdes engineering in Heikendorf and advises customers on the topic of food safety in order to produce food better and safer.

#Food Technology #Food Safety #Food Law #Quality Managment

Christian Manthey

Dr. Christian Manthey is managing director of AdvInno GmbH. The company advises in a team of patent attorney, lawyer and management consultant specialized in ideas, technologies, innovations & intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, design). AdvInno provides comprehensive support to companies and institutions on all issues from the validation of a business idea to the development and commercialization of technologies and advises on the protection, commercialization and enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as know-how. One focus with regard to digital business models is compliance with data protection law and advice on data analyses, data use agreements and the generation of value from data and know-how.


Dr. Christoph Mårtensson

Dr. Christoph Mårtensson, who completed a degree in Molecular Life Science at the University of Lübeck, gained experience with a semester abroad at the Imperial Collage London.
He did his doctorate (summa cum laude) at the University of Freiburg.
He also published 11 publications, including in the journals Nature and Cell.
Christoph Mårtensson is currently working as a venture capilist at MTIP, a Swiss health tech investment company.


Dr. Franz-Peter Marx

After studying physics and industrial engineering, Dr. Franz-Peter Marx gained several years of professional experience at Drägerwerk AG in the field of medical technology. A special focus was on innovation management. Subsequently, he worked as Managing Director and Marketing and Sales Manager in young medium-sized companies in the automation and process control technology sectors for the manufacturing industry and surface technology. In 1996, he founded TE Technology Engineers and provides consulting and coaching to SMEs in the technology sector, as well as innovation projects in all aspects of technology, business model, financing, market and management, as well as start-up and growth.


Dirk Nachtigal

Dirk Nachtigal studied economics and was a manager in the BASF Group for many years. As head of department at Wintershall, he was responsible for M&A transactions, project finance, controlling and financing. He was also head of finance / controlling / accounting at BASF Schwarzheide and member of the executive board of SEWOGE. From 2001, as Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital, he built up venture capital activities for BASF. Dirk Nachtigal has a huge network in the international venture capital business as well as enormous experience in structuring VC transactions and building up companies. He is a board member in several of his portfolio companies and has been involved in many IPOs and trade sale exits.

#Businessplan #Fundraising #Venturecapital #Businessdevelopment #Leadership

Dr. Tara Patzelt

Dr. Tara Patzelt studied economics and subsequently worked for a management consultancy in the field of strategy and process optimization. At the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, she did her doctorate at the Chair of Market-Oriented Management. During this time, she advised founders and supported them in the preparation of their business plans. During the last 15 years she has worked for well-known consulting companies as well as medical device and medical technology companies. She has worked as a project manager, marketing manager, team leader for market analysis and assistant to the management.
Her expertise lies primarily in the areas of business development, innovation management and market intelligence.
Her motto is: The customer in focus


Stefan Ritt

Stefan Ritt has many years of experience as Export Sales and Marketing Manager and was in charge of all global marketing and communication strategies of SLM Solutions Group AG from 2015 to 2018. After leading and aligning the global marketing presence of 3YOURMIND in 2019, the graduate engineer has been CEO/Vice President EMEA Operations of the australian 3D printing company SPEE3D GmbH since 2020. His tasks include the comprehensive development of the European presence for the company.

#3Dprinting #Software #International #Sales #Marketing #Logistics

Christian Joachim Schult

Christian Schult combines a technical background with wide-ranging experience in sales and marketing positions as well as corporate responsibilities in internationally market-leading medium-sized companies and corporations such as Bosch, Dräger, Rexroth, LESER and currently BAADER Global SE.
Market-oriented corporate management is his passion and he is President of the Marketing Club Lübeck e.V..


Stefan Schult

Stefan Schult is managing director of Nordgetreide, a company founded in Lübeck in 1966. With more than 500 employees at three locations, the company manufactures products made from corn, wheat, barley and rice for the private label sector. Previously, Stefan Schult worked for many years as Managing Director of a branded goods company in the delicacies/spice sector. As part of the management, he is responsible, among other things, for sales and thus, has excellent knowledge of German retail structures.


Christoph Schweizer

Christoph Schweizer is an experienced executive in corporate strategy, marketing and innovation management with a strong focus on digitization. Between 2007 and 2012, he headed the Marketing Communication department at Dräger. He then held the positions of CMO and President Corporate Strategy & Business Development for several years. Christoph Schweizer has a deep understanding of digital transformation and its effects on companies. Christoph Schweizer has been Managing Director of TraveKom and Head of Digitization, Innovation & Smart City at Stadtwerke Lübeck Holding since 2020.


Tilo Stolzke

Tilo Stolzke has over 35 years of experience in medical engineering and healthcare. Since 2004 he has been the managing partner of sananet GmbH in Lübeck.
After studying bioengineering, he worked for Picker International as a sales engineer for 4 years. This was followed by 11 years as head of product marketing at Dräger Medical and 4 years as director of marketing and sales at TERAKLIN AG.
The constant updating of the market and methodological competence in interim and consulting projects as well as the accreditation as a consultant of the KfW are Tilo Stolzke's focus. Constant participation in relevant trade fairs and congresses such as Medica, Expopharm, REHACARE, DIVI, EASL, DAC offer the opportunity for further development.


Norbert Tank

Norbert Tank has 15 years of professional experience in various industries and holds a Master Professional of Business Management. After working as a controller in the telecommunications sector, as well as an IT trainer and consultant for the ERP software “Navision”, he worked as commercial manager in the areas of food and optics. Since 2009, Norbert Tank has been an interim manager with a focus on finance, accounting and controlling. In addition, he works as an IT project manager for ERP systems and in business management consulting. In addition to experience in operational human resources, he has knowledge of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements according to HGB, the development and implementation of controlling structures as well as process analyses.

#Controlling #Businessadministration #Finance #Businessdevelopment #Software

Uwe Twachtmann

After completing commercial training and as well as his evening studies in business administration, Uwe Twachtmann completed numerous advanced training courses in business administration, accounting, controlling and business coaching. Between 1980 and 2006, he worked in management positions across all industries, most recently as commercial director or manager for several years. His focus was on finance, human resources, administration, organization, strategy and law. Since 2006, Uwe Twachtmann has been an independent management consultant and since 2016 commercial director of MKCL Deutschland, which offers logistic services and online trading in the area of IT hardware.

#Finance #Controlling #Businessplan #Fundraising #Leadership

Lutz von Majewsky

Lutz von Majewsky is a business graduate and in-house tax advisor at HWB Transaktionsberatung GmbH, where he accompanies the entire process of company sales and acquisitions. This means that there are good connections to VC and PE companies as well as financial investors. He has 25 years of professional experience as a partner in a medium-sized tax consulting company. By actively participating in regional and national networks, he brings a large number of connections with him.


Ute von Strünk

Ute von Strünk is a trained and certified business coach. Since 2015, she has managed von strünk consulting GmbH, an independent, owner-managed consulting company with the business areas of human resources development and IT service management. Previously, she was the entrepreneur of Ute von Strünk Consulting-Training-Coaching for six years. She is accredited and an active member of DVCT (German Association for Coaching and Training). As a mentor, Ute von Strünk also brings ten years of experience in middle management at a subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG.

#Workshop-Moderation #New Leadership #Softskill Training, Presentation #Business Coaching, Conflict #Team Coaching #Sales

Petra Vorsteher

Ute von Strünk is a trained and certified business coach. Since 2015, she has managed von strünk consulting GmbH, an independent, owner-managed consulting company with the business areas of human resources development and IT service management. Previously, she was the entrepreneur of Ute von Strünk Consulting-Training-Coaching for six years. She is accredited and an active member of DVCT (German Association for Coaching and Training). As a mentor, Ute von Strünk also brings ten years of experience in middle management at a subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG.


Thomas Weidner

Thomas Weidner has been involved as a business angel and advisor/advisory board member since 2014. He has many years of experience as an expert, manager and entrepreneur in various segments of the eBusiness and consulting industry. After studying business administration at the University of Mannheim, Thomas Weidner started his professional career at Coopers & Lybrand and Roland Berger, was then in the management of various international IT companies (EDS, Steria, NTT Data), but also led a mobile business start-up himself and was a board member of a listed eBusiness holding. In the scientific field, Thomas Weidner was a visiting professor at the Institute of Electronic Business in Berlin as well as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and continues to actively promote the dialogue between research/practice within the framework of a corresponding innovation network. As a business angel, he is also actively involved in BAND e.V (Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland) with regard to the cooperation between start-ups and investors, where he is, among other things, a speaker in the BAND Academy, a speaker at panel discussions and active in a working group on standard contracts.


Uwe Weinreich

Uwe Weinreich is a business psychologist and multiple company founder. After founding a B2B platform in 1996, a survey platform (2000), a mobile coaching solution (2004), a management consultancy (2014) and most recently a publishing house (2019) followed. His focus is on customer-centric innovation, business model and strategy development, strategy implementation, B2B marketing, agile development/ lean startup and business model scaling.