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Food - our thematic/tech focus

Are you ready for the next step in the food sector?

We asked managing directors and strategy managers from leading food companies to assess key industry trends. We have summarized their answers in the following infographic.

In addition, we asked them to describe future-oriented use cases, which they think will have immediate chances of success and extensive support offers.

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Startup focus of leading food companies

If you are familiar with one of the following topic areas or if you either have a solution to one of the following questions or would like to address them, then GATEWAY49 is the place for you.

With our partners and mentors from the food sector, we give you the best possible support for your business right from the start.

Food emerging trends

Top Emerging Questions

1 Food becomes personal

How can we produce food under industrial conditions that are tailored to the personal needs of consumers?

2 Raw materials of the future

75% of our food is based on 12 raw materials. How will we secure affordable, safe, healthy and tasty food in the future facing increasing global consumption?

3 Means to live

How do we optimize the availability and shelf life of food taking into account food safety and affordability?

4 Sustainability

How can resources be saved by recycling and reusing production waste and consumer waste?


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