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We asked managing directors and strategy managers from leading food, smart city, life science, logistics and banking companies as well as innovative university institutes and public administrations to evaluate the most important industry trends. We have summarized their answers in the following infographic.

In addition, we asked them to describe future-oriented use cases, which they think will have immediate chances of success and extensive support offers.

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Startup focus of innovative companies, universities and public administrations

If you are familiar with one of the following topic areas or if you either have a solution to one of the following questions or would like to address them, then GATEWAY49 is the place for you.

With our partners and mentors from the areas of food, smart city, life science, logistics, banking, education and public administration, we give you the best possible support for your business right from the start.

General emerging trends

Top Emerging Questions

1 sensor and edge tech

How can modular sensor and edge modules for decentralized sensor networks - and retrofitting - be developed?

2 Cloud Solutions

How can cloud services from different providers be brought together in a way that is useful and compliant with data protection for a company?

3 Robocop

How can connected robotic systems support the emergency services in dangerous situations?

4 Artificial intelligence in QM

How can AI be used to support the design, development and testing of components?

5 Sustainable product life cycle

How can the economic and ecological sustainability of product life cycles be increased?

6 IoT use cases

Which use cases result from IoT components in the areas: gas measurement technology, real estate management and stationary retail?

7 Blog chain in education

How can block chain technology enable standardized solutions in the field of education?


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